The Art of Mastering

Having a Speech Impediment and Getting to Accept Myself

It took me 21 years after birth to be able to go through a drive through but in addition, 24 years to complete a masters project that I was taking and was a big presentation in front of classmates. At that time, the only thing that I was required to do was to make the presentation in front of the academic advisors and also, my classmates and that will be done. I was also required to bring family members and friends on the day that I was making the presentation so that they could sit in and listen to the speech. I invited the speech therapist that had been working with but I told my friends and family to stay at home without coming for the interview. In order for me to be able to speak fluently, the speech therapist brought some lip balm that was kept in her purse. We also went through the note cards that had brought along in the lobby so that she can be sure what is going to say. I had a speech impediment and it was the major problem and something that cause a lot of fear in me.

During his adolescent years, my dad was shuffled between four different dads and for this reason, it contributed to a lot to the speech impediment which I inherited from him. At the beginning, the speech impediment was not a problem for me especially because I did not see a major problem with it but after seven years, I was enrolled in some speech therapy classes. Because of this reason, I had to leave the class a little early and I gave some excuses to my friends to avoid them knowing what this was about. Many of the times, you can give a lot of excuses for situation and that’s what I did but you cannot sustain it if you now start repeating some of the excuses. Most of the peoples in elementary school never think a lot about people’s behaviors and therefore, they were very quick to forgive and move on. My friends did not even ask any questions when I tell them that I’m going for advanced classes it was another excuse.

People started asking questions later especially when I was in middle school and because of that, I used to cry a lot because I’m introverted. Jason one of the seventh graders that I was studying with actually got upset when I reacted negatively during one of the encounters.

My self-esteem was quite down especially because it’s a problem that was constantly there even when I got my first job.