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Most Attractive Destinations to Visit When Meandering Mississippi

The tallest wonder in Mississippi is a monument that stands six hundred and thirty feet tall at the gateway arch in St. Louis. The tallest architectural arch in the world stands in Mississippi thus it should be a must visit destination when you are meandering in Mississippi. The arch was built as an ode to westward expansion in the US connecting the eastern and western halves of the country as it sits on the Mississippi river.

Make sure you visit the Wilson Greek national battlefield where the great western civil battle at the side of Mississippi river. The national battlefield is a seven mile distance of walking trails all of which leads to a variety of monument, statutes and civil war relics. Also, the Wilson creek national battlefield contains a historical museum on site where you will get the opportunity to view war equipment and to learn the history of the battlefield.

Among the greatest American writer was mark twain thus when you are in Mississippi then you must visit the childhood of mark in Hannibal to see the home where he grew up in. Make an effort to ensure you visit mark twain the greatest authors birth home as its considered an attractive destinations for visitors when meandering Mississippi. There is an amusement park in Missouri that is considered a unique place since it displays the Missourian culture and so you ought not to forget to tour the park. Sillver dollar city is a fun park as you will enjoy fun rides and craft booths as it also contains plenty of shops and restaurants where you can enjoy your meal while visiting the park.

Mississippi state indeed has a variety of attraction sites you can visit another being the billion gallon lake in Bonne Terre. The Bonne Terre mine is a sight to behold that you must visit when touring Mississippi since its size is quite astonishing having been as a result of mining activity of the past in the area. You must not leave your tour without visiting the harry Truman museum since in Mississippi the museum is of utmost importance.

Kansas city in Mississippi is considered to house the most world war one relics that any other museum in the world and so an important museum you ought to stop by. Consider visiting the lake of Ozark if you are more of a nature guy who enjoys hiking and camping since the area contains caves, lakes and bushes you can enjoy camping. In addition, there is gore psychiatric museum in St. Joseph Missouri that is considered intriguing and creepy thus if you enjoy the creepy world then this is the best museum for you to visit. Also, you will be able to view replicas of old wheelchairs, beds and treatment implements used then.