With Better Health Comes A Better Life For A Woman

There are a lot of erratic things that could happen to a womans body and behaviour during different cycles in her life. Different cycles or stages include periods, her menstrual cycle, menopause etc. and hence one should make sure that ones personal health is given utmost importance. Bad health causes other issues to a woman directly or indirectly. It could affect the persons beauty, looks and cause bodily harm. Apart from affecting self, bad health of the woman also has an impact on the offspring that the woman has to carry for 9 months in her womb.

Aging also affects a womans health and hence one should take extra care while growing up. Changes like grey hair, weight gain and mood swings are all inevitable but changes like sudden increase or decrease in blood pressure, sudden obesity, wrinkles on the face, tooth decay etc. can be avoided if proper precaution and care is given to ones body. Aging also reduces the amount of brain cells which causes impairment in the memory. There are different types of substances that could be eaten that helps keep the brain sharp and intact. Drinking coffee and green tea in limited quantities also helps. Reading is another form of healthy distraction.

Tooth decay is mainly caused by smoking, alcohol consumption and consumption of excess sweets and chocolates. It is also caused if one does not maintain proper dental hygiene. Hence some basic house hold routines like brushing teeth twice a day, gargling mouth after every meal and drinking adequate amount of water could be of great help. It is also necessary to teach such good practices to your daughter and other members in the family.

One part of the body that requires extra care externally is the heart and this part plays a crucial role because it also helps the other organs function efficiently and hence it is important that you dont perform activities that can cause damage to the heart. Different activities include intake of fatty foods on a regular basis, excessive consumption of soda and sugary drinks, smoking etc. Working for long and late hours is also not advised because it causes stress and stress can be physically and mentally harmful. To maintain a good functioning heart, one has to exercise regularly, eat healthy and have small but frequent meals and control temptation for unhealthy food.

Taking calcium, vitamin and protein supplements is another way to strengthen the bones and muscles in the body while aging. Aging causes weakness which in turn causes muscle and joint pain. There are some natural food substances that also contain enough ingredients for a balanced diet but if this doesnt work out then one shouldnt rule out the supplements.
While enjoying their lives, women should also make sure they keep themselves healthy by refraining from unhealthy practices and bad eating habits and also visiting Dr sharon Breit of obs gyn wichita ks. After all, health is wealth.